Travel Light

Dec 8 - Dec 29, 2019

Crowds. Busyness. Demands. Pressure to please. Limited finances. Strained relationships. Wounds from the past. Fear of failure.

It’s enough to crush even the strongest of hearts. But the gift of Jesus that first Christmas was a declaration that God is with us. For us. In us.

We do not walk alone. And the weight of this world was never ours to carry. It’s time to let it go and learn to travel light.

Poster for Hope Church's Travel Light message series

Messages from our Travel Light series

Week 1 (12/8/19)
The Weight of Bitterness

Week 2 (12/15/19)
The Weight of Lies

Week 3 (12/22/19)
The Weight of Control

Week 3 (12/29/19)
The Weight of the Past