November 10, 2019

In a world that often makes much of things that mean very little, it can be difficult to know what really matters. And where we focus often determines our life’s path. But to live a life of more, we must shift our focus. That's when everything changes.

  • Service is our passion
  • Eternity is our focus
  • People are our heart
  • Generosity is our privilege

God wants to bless us with more, but we must understand what the "More is For!"

Poster for Hope Church's More series

Messages from our More series

Week 1 (11/10/19)
What is the More for?

Week 2 (11/17/19)
Guest Speaker David Crabtree

Week 3 (11/24/19)
Made For This!

Week 4 (12/1/19)
It Matters