Sermon On The Mount


Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount” contains some of the most famous teachings in human history, and many people, regardless of belief or background, think of the Sermon on the Mount as pie-in-the-sky-platitudes. However, his most famous sermon is much more: it is his magnum opus on what flourishing life is like under God’s rule, his manifesto for his movement of followers.

The Sermon on the Mount is Jesus’ signature teaching on what spirituality and sex, money and worry and relationships, and more look like in God’s kingdom. Whether you’re just beginning to consider Christian faith or are a seasoned follower of Jesus, plan to join us on Sundays as we listen to the greatest sermon ever!

Poster for Sermon Series Sermon on the Mount

Messages from our Sermon On The Mount series

Week 1 (7/11/20) - Introduction

Week 2 (7/19/20) - Blessed are the Poor in Spirit who Mourn

Week 3 (7/26/20) - Blessed are the Meek

Week 4 (8/2/20) - Blessed are those who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness

Week 5 (8/9/20) - Blessed are the Merciful

Week 6 (8/16/20) - Blessed are Pure in Heart

Week 7 (8/23/20) - Pure Heart Habits | Generosity

Week 8 (8/30/20) - Pure Heart Habits | Celebration

Week 8 (9/6/20) - Pure Heart Habits | Forgiveness

Week 9 (9/13/20) - Pure Heart Habits - Confession

Week 9 (9/20/20) - Pure Heart Habits | Maintenance

Week 9 (9/27/20) - Neighborliness

Week 10 (10/4/20) - Pure Heart Habits | Don't Worry Be Happy

Week 10 (10/11/20) - Pure Heart Habits | Salt and Light

Week 11 (10/18/20) - Pure Heart Habits | Mercy Triumphs Over Judgement