Ruins Rebuilt

April 26,2020-May 31, 2020

We were never meant to live a "settled" life where dreams have been shelved and personal obstacles to growth are accepted as normal. The Bible says that we are God's workmanship - created in His image. Yet, the effects of life, sin and human rebellion mark us deeply with areas of ruin that God wants to restore.

Nehemiah is a case study on how God restores His people to their original design. It's time to stop (living your life) (surviving) and start living the life God designed you to live.

Poster for Hope Church Ruins Rebuilt Message Series

Messages from our Ruins Rebuilt series

Week 1 (4/19/20) - Time to Rebuild

Week 2 (4/26/20) - Rebuild Prayer

Week 3 (5/3/20) - Building Materials

Week 4 (5/17/20) - View At Night

Week 5 (5/24/20) - Enemy of Rebuilding

Week 6 (5/31/20) - Stand Your Ground