Now What?

June 7, 2020-July 4, 2020

Pontius Pilate famously asked Jesus, “What is truth?” Today as our society aches and agonizes through the multiple storms of a Pandemic that has exacerbated systemic injustice and inequality in our culture, many people struggle with their beliefs. What to believe? Who do you believe? Jesus said that He is the way, the truth and the life. In this series, we will explore what the Bible reveals as truth that does not change and is still the answer to life.


Messages from our Now What? series

Week 1 (6/6/20) - Believe

Week 2 (6/14/20) - Live Out the Truth

Week 3 (6/21/20) - Now What? Model Man

Week 4 (6/28/20) - Now What? Love and Care for Others

Week 5 (7/5/20) - Now What? Act Justly