Jan 8th, 2023 - April 2nd, 2023

RE: - is added to verbs and nouns to form new verbs and nouns which describe a change in the position or state of something. In Christianity, Christ has not changed - His Word has not changed - His promises and commands have not changed, but the world and the church has.  It’s time to ReConnect, ReAlign, ReCalibrate and ReDiscover Jesus Christ as Savior, Lord and King.

If you want to know who God is, look at Jesus.  If you want to know what it means to be human, look at Jesus.  If you want to know what love is or what grief is, look at Jesus.  And go looking until you’re not just a spectator, but you’re actually part of the drama which has him as the central character. (N.T. Wright)

In the teaching series RE - we look to the Gospel of Mark to apply the actions, teachings and attitude of Jesus to our lives, our church, our world.

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Messages from our series

Week 6 (2/5/23) - 

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Week 5 (1/29/23) - Kingdom Authority 


Week 4 (1/22/23) - Kingdom Is Near


Week 2 (1/15/23) - First Things First


Week 1 (1/8/23) - Re: The Book Of Mark