COVID-19 Response

March 21, 2020

Hope Family,

We are in unprecedented times, which requires the church to respond in unprecedented ways.

In order to protect our people and love our community, we have made some changes to how we do our weekly experiences. As of now all services at Hope are online. We truly do miss gathering together in one location; however, the church is not the building. We are the church! This last Thursday we served over 80 cars who were full of people in need. The ministries of Hope have not stepped back or diminished. In fact, they are bigger and we are mobilizing in an effort to impact our community like never before.

With all that said, we want you to know we miss you and stand ready to serve and love you. We truly are BETTER TOGETHER, and even though we can’t physically be in the same space for the time being, this “too shall pass.” In the meantime, know we are praying for you and that you are not alone!

We have been working hard behind the scenes to make your online experience easily accessible, with tools and resources to encourage your family. Please gather with us online at at 9 AM. If you can’t join at 9 am, the message will be available on our website shortly after we end the live stream here.

Please follow us on social media as it is the easiest way to communicate updates quickly and effectively. Click Facebook or Twitter to get the most recent information as well as the new section on our website here.

For families with Kids we have an entire resource section designated to help you actively participate in ministering to your children. Please follow the website link and go to the Hope Kids Lessons and Resources Page.

In addition to the above resources here are a few other items of interest and help. You can submit prayer requests to us directly through our website. Click here to submit your prayer request. We also would like to provide an incredible resource to you and your family called Right Now Media. Right Now Media is a video driven resource with something for everyone. Their mission is to work with the global church to inspire people to love others before self and Christ above all. Your personal link to these resources is

This is the time for the church to rise greater than the chaos around us! We encourage you to remain faithful in pursuing the Lord. Dedicate time throughout your day to pray, read the Word and meditate on the things of the Lord. We also need you to remain faithful in your giving through tithes and offerings. The needs of the church are the mission of the church and in this season, they are increasing. Our heart is to meet every need God directs us to.

You can read more about giving online and other ways of supporting Hope by clicking here. Your generosity makes a difference as we continue to impact our community and the world through our obedience and sacrifice!

Just as we are in these unprecedented times we have an unprecedented God who is going to show up and do awesome things as a result.

We are standing with you!
Pastor Mike and Hope Team

March 18, 2020

Hope Church Family,

We know God is not at all surprised by what is happening right now, and we believe He has a plan to use His church in powerful ways. Psalm 46:1 says, “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” Hope Church stands on this promise!

Unfortunately, with ongoing health concerns due to COVID-19, the leadership team at Hope Church has decided to NOT hold public services or group gatherings. In alignment with the CDC, the state of North Carolina, and National guidelines, one of the best ways we can support our National and State efforts is to move our services and group gatherings ONLINE. We have a responsibility to do what is prudent and in the best interest of everyone.

While we are saddened we cannot gather in one space, we believe in being proactive and in leading the way in our community. By remaining steady and responding to this situation with a calm confidence, our focus will be on ministering to people in our own church and to all those around us. We will continue to monitor the situation week by week and keep you well informed until our in-person services resume. Feel free to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or continue to check-in by visiting us online at

Everyone is invited and encouraged to stayed connected. How we do that is a bit different now but more important than ever. Hope Church, let’s not forget that the church is not a building or an event but a body of believers. We are a family and each one of us makes up the church. So as the church, we now have an opportunity to gather together online each weekend to get updates, engage in the message, respond in worship and commit to opportunities to give to our community!

In times like this, we are called to step up and help. Please consider partnering with us financially in order for us to have the maximum impact, while also continuing to do church online. You can give online by clicking here.

At 9 am this Sunday, the message will be live streamed at If you can’t join us for our 9 am live service, the message will be posted on our website at

Our website is also full of information regarding COVID-19, and we’ve included resources for your family. Please check back regularly as we will update the site as often as required.

The Hope Team remains available to you via email or phone and we will continue serving the needs of our community, together.

Better Together,

Pastor Mike and Hope Team