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Day 15: Release, Restoration and Reward


“Turn to me with all your heart . . with fasting and with weeping . . I will restore to you the years that the locust has eaten, the canker worm, and the caterpillar, and the palmer worm . . . you shall praise the name of the LORD your God . . . and my people shall never be ashamed”

(Joel 2:12, 25-26).

Prayer for the Day: Father, in Jesus’ Name I humble myself before You in fasting. Thank You for releasing me from my past and forgiving all my sins. Thank You for restoring my life and giving me the reward of eternal life. I give You praise and glory and honor. Bless Your people as we continue to fast and pray. Bring the “spirit of release” causing Your people to walk in financial freedom. “Release” our loved ones. “Release” those that are bound by fear, depression and abuse. Release those bound by nicotine, gluttony and other addictions. Release them from all bondage. Loose the bands of wickedness. Undo the heavy burdens. Let the oppressed go free. Release our families from every shame and guilt. Thank You that the wicked bands will be broken! Hallelujah! Lord, the palmerworm has attacked the roots of Christian heritage in our families. But You said, “I will RESTORE THE FAMILY TREE OF FAITH!” I give You praise. My family IS GOING TO WALK IN THE SPIRIT! Oh Hallelujah! Father the greatest “reward” is You. Thanks for the stuff, but we’re fasting for more of You. You are our Reward and our exceeding greatness. We praise You, Jesus. Glory to God!



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