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Spiritual maturity. Leadership. Character. These qualities are not a destination, but a process. The process finds its value in purpose. At Hope, we believe that God has created each person on purpose, for a purpose. In order to become the man that God has purposed for you to be, you must put yourself in a position to connect with God and other men.

In one analogy God is revealed as a Potter and we as clay. With forethought the Potter shapes the clay into a predetermined shape that will serve the purpose of the Potter. In another analogy we men are likened to iron, with the idea that iron is sharpened by iron. At Hope Church we try to create opportunities for you to encounter God and grow in relationship with Him; so that you will be shaped. As well, we try to create points of connection with other men who also are being shaped; so that you will sharpen each other.

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Game Plan For LifeWritten with the sports fan in mind, Game Plan for Life is an “average Joe’s” guide to what the Bible has to say about such topics as relationships; finances; physical, emotional, and spiritual health; finding the right vocation; living a life of purpose; and overcoming sin and addiction. Written by 3-time Super Bowl and NASCAR championship winning coach/owner Joe Gibbs, edited by Jerry Jenkins, and featuring contributions from Randy Alcorn, Ravi Zacharias, John Lennox, Tony Evans, Chuck Colson, Josh McDowell, Don Meredith, Walt Larimore, Ron Blue, Ken Boa, and Os Guinness, the New York Times best-selling Game Plan for Life shows readers how to live a balanced, God-centered, purpose-filled life, using examples from Coach Gibbs’ own storied championship careers as a backdrop. This book is a perfect blend of sports and basic theology, designed to bring God’s Word home to sports fans of all generations.

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